JaM Club

The JAM (Jesus and Me) Club meets during our 10.30am Sunday service at All Saints. It is a session for young people aged 4 and above and all are welcome, both regular members and those who are just visiting for that day.

The young people are invited to join the group during the first hymn when they meet the leaders and go off together. The JAM session is an activity based time of worship consisting of prayers, stories, songs, crafts and games which are based around the Scripture Union activity plans and often follow the lectionary or seasonal material that is being used in church that day. The young people rejoin their families for communion and sometimes share what they have been doing with the congregation.

JAM Club meets in the vestry room each week (except on the first Sunday of the month, when we join the rest of the congregation for our First Sunday Celebration service, and during the month of August).

All our children’s workers have current DBS checks.