Mission Statement

Seeking to be a faithful, welcoming and caring Christian presence celebrating all that is good and of God in our community.

Vision Statement

As disciples of Jesus we believe we are called to

      • be a vibrant and relevant centre of prayerful witness and worship
      • grow in our relationship with God and with one another
      • equip ourselves to share the truths of the gospel by our words and actions
      • work collaboratively with others to make a difference throughout our community
      • be a sustainable Christian presence throughout our parish

Our Values
We are committed to being



faithful and obedient disciples of Jesus, living by his example with integrity and with a thankful heart; taking the love of God out into our world, trusting in him and in the power of his Holy Spirit.


ensuring that the doorway to God’s church is never a barrier to those who want to enter and that our welcome will always be warm and generous; accepting, encouraging and respecting all people and enabling them to participate as fully as possible in the life of the church.


caring for the needs and feelings of others, finding time to listen to them, pray with and for them, being a good Christian example to them and being accepting and respectful of the differences that may exist. It is being generous in our giving, seeking justice for all and having a loving concern for all that God has created.


having a responsibility to care for and protect people of all ages as we journey together; helping and encouraging them to deepen their knowledge of God and their faith in Christ Jesus through prayer, worship and study; enabling them to discover and value the gifts God has given them and to give them the opportunity and confidence to use them and become the person God would have them be.



so that in all things our lives of faithful service and worship will be a celebration and sign of God’s love and generosity and that these joyful expressions of our faith will be a source of optimism and hope for those whom we encounter each day.